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Are You Protected For Your Summer Holiday?

Matt Crisp July 30, 2018

Schools have broken up for the summer, and tens of thousands more holidaymakers are planning to head off on their annual trip abroad over the next few weeks.

However, many are risking their entire holiday by not taking out adequate insurance to cover them should something unexpected occur.

This is according to the latest research from Co-op Insurance, which recently reported that 16 per cent of British travellers do not buy insurance till the last minute, leaving it until the day or day before they jet off.

Even more (37 per cent) do not organise it until the week before, leaving themselves at risk if ending up needing protection prior to going away.

The insurer noted that 26 per cent of parents have cancelled or considered cancelling a break due to one of their children being unwell in the past. Therefore, this shows how common it is for people – particularly families – to incur problems even before they head abroad.

Those who cancel their break without travel insurance would lose all the money they spent on their holiday without any compensation. Furthermore, it leaves them open to risk if the airline or accommodation cancels their travel arrangements, such as if they become insolvent or double book their places.

Colin Butler, head of travel insurance at the financial services provider, said it is concerning that the figure for the number of people who do not take out travel insurance (37 per cent) is so high.

He noted that travellers who do intend to protect themselves should arrange their insurance as soon as possible.

“By doing so, people are covering themselves for scheduled airline failures, sickness meaning a holiday must be cancelled, and accommodation cancellations,” said Mr Butler.

He went on to say families are most in need of travel insurance, as they are more at risk of potential cancellations.

“Children commonly pick up bugs which can result in families choosing to cancel a planned holiday. Where this does happen and there’s no insurance in place, families can be left out of pocket for the cost of their holiday,” Mr Butler noted.

When choosing your policy, it is wise not to opt for the cheapest one, but to look carefully at what it covers.

According to the Co-op, you should make sure it includes SAFI (Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance), in case the travel operator goes into liquidation.

It is also important to be open about your health history to ensure you are fully covered if you need to make a medical claim on your policy. What’s more, buying as soon as you arrange your holiday will give you the reassurance that you are protected from the offset.

Millions more people will be heading abroad this summer, with Gatwick Airport alone expecting 8.8 million passengers over the next few weeks. This is why it is important that these people are protected as much as possible to keep any disruptions to a minimum.

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