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What To Pack For A Relaxing Winter Staycation

Matt Crisp November 26, 2020

Winter is fast approaching, and whilst it looks like an international break in the sun is unlikely, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the wonderful sights the United Kingdom has to offer.

There are many beautiful natural areas, pastoral historical locations to visit and unique landmarks not found anywhere in the world, all just a coach journey away. With the national lockdown restrictions set to be lifted in early December, there isn’t a better time to plan a staycation.

From planning, to coach hire, to booking a getaway, there are plenty of options for a winter getaway. Here is what you should pack to make the most of it.


Face Mask

Don’t forget your face mask. Coaches won’t let you travel without one, many shops, exhibitions and events won’t let you in without one and your hotel may require one for communal areas such as cafes or receptions.

As well as this, make sure you pack a hygiene kit, with a spare mask and bottle of hand sanitiser; whilst most places will have one set up, it’s always worth being prepared. Have a bottle of sanitiser and mask with you, as well as a spare mask and sanitiser packed with your toiletries.


Extra Change Of Clothes

This is clearly a requirement if you are stopping for multiple days, but even on a day trip, you never know if you want to stay a little longer.

Typically, if you have room in your luggage, you should always pack one extra pair of clothes than the number of days you plan to stay, just to ensure you are prepared for any eventuality.


ID, Tickets And Documents

Make sure you have a form of photographic identification with you, so coach journeys and hotel reservations can be double-checked and confirmed. Sometimes your stay can be verified just with your ID rather than with other forms of verification.

Much like with international holidays it is a good idea to have multiple copies of any bookings printed and with you. It makes checking in a breeze and sometimes just works as a reminder of all the fantastic plans you have made.


Coat, Hat And Gloves

As obvious as it is that you will need a coat on a winter holiday, make sure you are ready for the often-bracing elements you will face in winter. If you are travelling light, make sure that your coat is not only waterproof but also has a fleece layer or is thick enough to keep you warm as well.

When it comes to hats, a good woolly hat goes with pretty much any winter clothing and will keep your head warm and comfortable even if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Remember that the most temperature-sensitive part of your body is the forehead, so keep it warm.

As for gloves, the aim is to find the perfect mix between being thin and light enough to be easily worn, but also waterproof and thick enough to protect your digits from the freezing cold.