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6 Cool Apps For Travellers To Enjoy

Matt Crisp January 30, 2019

Going on holiday is hugely exciting, no matter where your end destination may be. Exploring new and interesting places will always be high on the agenda for most of us and thanks to technology, it’s even easier to travel the world… so with that in mind, here are some of our favourite apps for all you jet-setters out there to try out the next time you decide to pop off somewhere fun.


This is one of our favourite apps out there for when we’re on holiday. Snail mail may well be dying out but this app makes it really easy for you to send friends and family postcards while you’re away. And the best bit? You can turn your own photos of your travels into cards to send out. What on earth could be better?


Get to grips with the language of your chosen destination with this fun app that uses games to help you learn. There’s a variety of different speaking, listening, multiple choice and translation challenges, with the app keeping you on track by recording how many consecutive days you spend learning a language.

Wolfram Sun Exposure

This is really useful for anyone who finds they fry when out and about, and who wants to ensure they stay safe while enjoying their trip. It calculates how long you can be exposed to the sun based on your skin type, the time of day, location and level of sun protection factor you’re using.

Time Out: Discover Your City

This is a handy little trip planner app for both local and worldwide use. It covers more than 30 cities, helping you to plan events, find places to eat and drink, and allows you to save your favourite searches in a customisable home screen. You can also share all your favourite hotspots on social networks to tell everyone where you’ve been – and where you think they should go!


If you’re keen to hire a car and get out and about, but aren’t sure where to start let the Maven app do all the hard work for you. It offers car rental by the hour so you can just select the city you’re in, choose the car you want and then pop off to pick it up.


If you’re something of a nervous flyer and don’t want to annoy your fellow passengers on a long flight, check out the Calm app so you’ve got something to turn to if you are feeling panicky. It has lots of meditations on it, ranging from three to 25 minutes, covering topics like breathing, anxiety and happiness. Give it a go if you’re worried about getting on that plane, especially if you’re flying by yourself.

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