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Could Coronavirus Lead To More Staycations?

Matt Crisp March 12, 2020

Ever since coronavirus hit the headlines in January when it was reported that an outbreak of the flu-like illness had started to spread in China, most people have been concerned the virus would hit their corner of the earth.

With international travel the way it is and millions of people having to journey abroad for work, it is no surprise that coronavirus has now spread worldwide, with 77 countries currently affected.

Indeed, the condition has worked its way around Europe, hitting Italy the hardest where more than 2,000 cases and 52 deaths have been reported. Spain has also had a surge in coronavirus patients, with 152 having fallen ill and 32 died, while 23 fatalities have occurred in Germany from the illness.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has not issued any travel restrictions, other than to advise against all but essential travel to 11 villages in northern Italy as well as mainland China and all travel to the Hubei Province in China. However, many Brits might be concerned about heading anywhere abroad over the next few months.

That is why instead of booking flights to Greece or Majorca for the Easter or summer break, more and more people might consider coach hire to Oxford or Blackpool.

Even though there have been cases of coronavirus in the UK, the numbers are considerably lower than other European countries. Therefore, Brits might be more confident remaining in the country, as opposed to getting on a plane and heading abroad.

This would also help control the spread of the virus, preventing it from becoming a pandemic across the world. By travelling in a coach or hiring a private vehicle for your own group, you are less likely to contract the illness than if you are in a busy airport or crowded plane.

Of course, nobody knows how the virus will evolve over the next few months, whether it will spread further or not survive once the weather improves. However, people who want to arrange their travel plans soon might feel uneasy booking something they could have to cancel at a later date, due to the risk of contracting the disease.

They might also find their trip would not be covered by travel insurance, as they were aware of the risks prior to booking.

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), those who travel to a country or region the FCO has advised against are likely to invalidate their travel insurance.

Furthermore, it might not protect against those who choose not to travel even though the FCO has not issued any advice against doing so.

“Travel insurance is not designed to cover ‘disinclination to travel’ where the FCO advice has not changed to advise against travel,” the ABI website states.

Therefore, it would not be surprising if lots of people hold off on their international holiday plans and stay in the UK, at least until the spread of coronavirus has calmed down.

With so many wonderful places to see and exciting things to do in Britain, however, holidaymakers are sure to have a great break, regardless of not going abroad.