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Essentials For Long Coach Trips

Matt Crisp July 26, 2021

Getting away on holiday this summer could mean taking a long coach trip to your staycation destination, meaning you need to be prepared for a long journey, depending on where you’re heading!

While legal requirements to wear a face-covering are due to be lifted on 19 July, likely, they will still be required on public transportation, so don’t forget your face mask and hand sanitiser!

We have a look at some other items to pop in your hand luggage and tips to ensure your coach trip is as comfortable as possible.


Take the overnight bus

If your journey is going to be largely motorways and little to see while on the road, why not consider travelling overnight? You will be able to snooze the night away, arriving in the morning at your destination feeling fresh and relaxed.


Pack a blanket and neck pillow

Whatever time of day you plan to travel, a blanket and a neck pillow can help you get comfortable and cosy. With the coach’s AC on during the journey, it can sometimes feel a little chilly, so a blanket is a lifesaver.


Use earplugs and an eye mask

If you’re planning to snooze, then earplugs and an eye mask will help remove the disturbances from other passengers.


Something to read

Not everyone can comfortably sleep while in motion, so make sure you have packed a magazine to browse through, or a book or an e-reader. A good blockbuster will keep you distracted throughout your journey!


Something to watch

However, some people can feel queasy from trying to read while moving, so why not make sure you have some films or TV series downloaded to your phone or tablet to keep you, or the kids entertained. Remember to pack headphones so you don’t disturb other passengers!


Pack some snacks and drinks

You’ll likely get breaks to get off the coach and stretch your legs, but often roadside services can be expensive, so bring your own drinks and snacks!

It’s important to keep hydrated, so water is essential! Keeping hydrated will ensure you arrive feeling fresh!


Dress in layers

With this being the UK, it makes good sense to make sure you’ve packed a waterproof jacket, but while you’re on the coach, it might be an idea to have a few layers on so you can take something off or put something on if you’re too warm or too cold.


Take off your shoes

One of the simplest things to relax on a long journey is to slip off your shoes. However, be considerate to other passengers and avoid stinky trainers and socks!


Stretch every now and then

Even if you brought your own snacks and drinks with you, take advantage of these breaks to get off the coach and stretch. This will help you feel less worn out once you arrive at your destination.


Wet wipes

You may not want to use the washroom in a service station or the coach, particularly towards the end of a long journey, so wet wipes will be invaluable!


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