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Games To Play On Long Coach Journeys

Matt Crisp August 1, 2017

Once you have got the best coach hire Aylesbury has to offer, then start preparing for your journeys by learning a few games.

Here are some classics to get you started.

  1. 20 questions – This is a great game, though be careful to not end up in a massive row by making it unintentionally possible. You think of a person, and the other people have to guess who it is using no more than 20 questions. If they do guess they win, if they don’t you win. Family rows have been known to break out when the person is unguessable, ie your best mate’s child’s teacher. You have been warned.


  1. I spy – A great game played all over the world. In case you really need an explanation of how to play this game, you basically find something, preferably hard to guess, and state ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with a’ and people guess. You must reveal when your item has been correctly guessed, and the correct guesser goes next.


  1. Memory game – this is a fun one for young children as it doesn’t require the ability to spell (unlike I spy for example). In this game you start off with a situation, ie I went on a picnic and I took… one apple. The people after you then need to repeat your items, as well as adding their own and so on. The first to forget the list loses, and you carry on until a winner is declared.