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Have You Considered Staycation Holiday Insurance?

Matt Crisp May 5, 2021

A study from insurance firm Aviva has revealed that over half of UK adults are planning to take a holiday within the UK within the next 12 months, and with foreign holidays still looking uncertain for the summer, many people are opting for camping and caravan trips.

But whether you’re looking at tried and tested staycations or seeking alternative destinations in the UK, it’s still important to think about your travel insurance.

While travel insurance is usually associated with foreign holidays, we have a look at some reasons why it’s just as essential for your UK staycation.

While many holiday companies are offering flexibility in the case of an emergency or a change in the COVID-19 guidelines, travel cover can provide an extra level of protection for other unforeseen situations.

Travel insurance is designed to help customers for unexpected emergencies, either while on holiday, or for something that happens before your trip that will affect your indeed holiday, for example:

  • A customer, their travelling companion or a close family member falls ill or is injured
  • A customer is called to serve on a jury when they were meant to be on holiday
  • A customer is made redundant
  • A customer’s home is made uninhabitable by fire or flood

However, be sure to check your policy to know exactly what you are covered for.

Most insurers will require that your accommodation is pre-booked and there may be a minimum stay requirement. It is unlikely you will be covered for straying with friends and family.

Keep in mind that baggage may not be covered as standard, and could be an optional add-on. Personal belongings may also be an optional extra, but you may be already covered with your home insurance.

Always take out your insurance as soon as you book your trip, and ensure you disclose any medical history and any changes in health that occurs between booking your holiday and the date you go.

Cycling has soared in popularity in the last 12 months, as a way to keep fit and healthy while gyms have been closed, and cycling holidays, or being able to take your pedal cycle with you on a holiday has become important for many holidaymakers.

While home insurance will usually cover bicycles in the home, extra insurance may be required to provide protection when bikes are out and about.

The majority of insurance providers will state that bikes will only be covered if locked in a building or fixed to an object which can’t be moved, such as a railing, bike rack or even attached to a car rack. Ensure you have a sturdy cycle lock for your bike, and it is secure if attached to your car.

If you have travel insurance with your bank that automatically renews every year, always be sure to check the latest policy to check that it covers you for all your needs.

Travel insurance can offer a level of security that means you can enjoy your holiday knowing you are covered. Why not consider coach hire in Manchester to take the strain off driving too?