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Holidays – The Perfect Opportunity For A Digital Detox

Matt Crisp May 7, 2019

Do you feel as though you’re never more than a foot away from your smartphone or tablet and do you wish you could spend less time staring at a screen? Holidays are the perfect opportunity to switch the technological world off from time to time and spend some time really appreciating what’s real and what’s right in front of you, but all too often we still find ourselves plugged in even when we’re away from home.

Of course, you want to take as many holiday photographs as you can and of course, you want to show your friends and family back home what a brilliant time you’re having… but do you need to upload your pictures to your Instagram straight away? Do you need to share your every move as a new Facebook update?

Deciding to take a digital detox holiday is certainly a worthwhile idea and you could extend it to every form of tech, covering not just your smartphone but your exercise tracker and smartwatch as well. Anything that keeps you connected could – and perhaps should – be switched off to really help you connect with the real world instead of the digital one.

Try to go cold turkey but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you need to go online, do – you don’t want to miss your flight, after all, and there might be some important travel information you need to keep up to date with. But perhaps try to avoid using your phone for everything other than the biggest necessities… you might be surprised by how freeing it is.

One very real benefit of shunning tech while away is that you won’t be tempted to check in on work during your holiday.

Flexible working has all sorts of benefits and advantages, and no doubt you appreciate the fact that you can work from anywhere and at any time during the week – but when you’re on holiday and you have your phone with you, the temptation is there to just have a quick check-in… and that means you’ve not really switched off from the world of work.

After all, the whole point of going on holiday is to leave the stress and strain of everyday life behind you… and can you really do that if you know you can access your work emails at the drop of a hat?

If you really want to go all out and make it as easy as you can for yourself to disconnect, even for a few days, pick your destination wisely. If you choose to visit a big city, you’ll find it harder to leave your WiFi off than if you go somewhere that has very limited phone signal and no internet connectivity whatsoever.

Try to find somewhere remote that’s of interest to you and you’re sure to have a wonderful time away… and it might even inspire you to keep your phone at arm’s length when you get back home again.

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