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Innovative Bus And Coach Vehicles Designed For Unique Journeys

Matt Crisp March 4, 2022

The biggest reason why the bus and coach hire concept has endured for well over a century is due to the exceptional versatility of the coach experience and its ability to carry people anywhere in the world for any reason in the world.

Wherever your journey may take you and for whatever reason, there is a vehicle that is specially designed to get you right where you need to go, and that is part of the reason there is an affection for coaches that go one step beyond and provide an excellent experience for unique journeys.

Here are some examples of coaches designed for rather special voyages.


The Swiss Mountain Bus

Probably the most common of the buses on this list, these are buses and coaches made by Scania amongst other manufacturers designed to face some of the tightest and most treacherous roads in the world.

Switzerland, in particular, due to the winding roads needed to traverse the Alps, feature exceptionally tight and winding mountain roads, requiring a turning circle tighter than most coaches can manage, along with treacherous weather conditions caused by snow and ice.

A mountain bus gets around this by featuring a short wheelbase and a powerful engine that helps drivers navigate the steep hairpin turns seen on roads such as the Stelvio Pass in Northern Italy and has become essential for taking people from hotels to ski lodges in the region.


Torsus Praetorian

Designed to carry forestry workers, miners and emergency response units to places where there are no roads at all, the Torsus Praetorian is a 4×4 bus designed to go off-road that has been called the world’s “most extreme” bus.

Designed to carry 35 passengers safely in the most inhospitable conditions, it uses a MAN chassis, drivetrain and engines, as well as off-road Michelin tyres which are pothole resistant, bulletproof and customisable to fit the needs of any type of passenger.

This has made it rather useful for carrying employees across difficult terrain to construction sites and mines helped take schoolchildren safely to school in places without road infrastructure, allowed larger rescue teams to reach the scene of a disaster than an ambulance and has seen military use.


Volkner Mobil Performance

A very popular endeavour for fans of motoring is track day holidays. These are special trips where a driver takes their car to a racetrack and drives around it and are so popular that there are special cars you can buy for track days that are not road-legal.

Whilst most people who do this drive a car or a van and tow their car on a trailer behind it, a far more elegant option for the more discerning track day enthusiast comes in the form of the Volkner Mobil Performance.

This luxury bus not only contains sleeping, socialising and entertainment areas but also has a built-in garage that slides out from underneath and can store a track day car inside.

This means that the car is protected, the journey is very comfortable and you do not necessarily need a hotel, as accommodation is covered.