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How Will A No-Deal Brexit Affect Travel?

Matt Crisp October 1, 2018

There is much concern that the UK will exit the EU in March without a deal in place, which will have an impact across a range of sectors.

One that’s likely to experience particular disruption is the travel industry. Which? recently highlighted the issues the country will face if the government is unable to strike a deal with Brussels before the deadline next year.

For those planning to fly anywhere towards the end of March, it’s worth noting that you could see flights grounded. Currently, the UK is part of the EU’s single aviation market. However, this will cease on 29 March 2019 and, unless an aviation deal is agreed, could result in flight disruption.

Anyone travelling by road to the EU could also see journeys becoming more challenging, the consumer rights organisation noted. Motorists driving their own vehicles will more than likely need a Green Card that proves their insurance cover, while pet owners may find it’s more onerous to travel to the continent with their furry friends.

Chief executive of Which? Peter Vicary-Smith stressed that the government needs to agree a deal with the EU to prevent consumers having “their rights effectively snatched away from them”.

He added that a no-deal Brexit “will potentially leave tourists stranded abroad and make holidays more expensive and inconvenient for millions of people”.

It won’t just affect holidaymakers though. Business travellers could also find it difficult once the UK leaves the EU. Earlier this year, Buying Business Travel revealed that 36 per cent of UK-based business travellers are apprehensive about what will happen after Brexit.

Top concerns included completing work visa applications, delays at passport control and higher costs of air travel.

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