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Most Expensive airports In Europe Revealed!

Matt Crisp July 24, 2018

We all know that going on holiday is an expensive endeavour. From sorting out Oxford minibus hire to take you to the airport to the accommodation, flights, food, fun, shopping, sightseeing… the costs add up very quickly.

And let’s not forget to factor in airport parking if you decide that it’s just quicker and easier to drive yourself and your family to the airport, leaving your car there for the duration of your stay. It might well seem like the easiest way to start your trip abroad but if you’re already counting the costs, you need to take note of new research from Admiral showing just which airports are the most expensive in Europe for parking.

Interestingly, the average prices for pre-booked stays on day stays and drop-off zones were actually all higher at airports here in the UK than the rest of Europe. The highest drop-off rates were found at Stansted, Luton and East Midlands, where it can cost you up to £8.50 for 15 minutes.

As for day prices, London City airport has the highest rates at more than £500 more than in Nice, which is the most expensive in mainland Europe. A pre-booked space at Luton airport will set you back £255 for a fortnight, while at Belfast International it will cost you just £63.

“Airport parking can soon add hundreds of pounds to the overall cost of your holiday so it’s important that holidaymakers do their research and book in advance to get the best possible price. Our second annual airport parking report has revealed that the price lottery passengers face is as strong as ever, with huge discrepancies in prices for what is essentially the same 2.4m wide space.

“We’ve found that Brits are getting something of a raw deal when it comes to airport parking, with the average cost of parking significantly higher than at airports across Europe, whether that’s pre-booking, turning up and parking or just using a drop off facility,” head of travel at Admiral Cosmin Sarbu said.

Perhaps the best way to save yourself a pretty penny on parking and ensure you have more than enough cash to enjoy your holiday is to sort out hire for airport transfers. This way, you’ll be guaranteed a reliable journey to or from the airport of your choice, with the team able to monitor all flight information to check for delays or early arrivals – so there’s nothing for you to worry about whatsoever.

And let’s not forget just how lovely it would be to travel to the airport in serious style without having to stress out about doing the driving. You can sit back, relax and just be whisked off on your journey, ready to have some well-earned fun. Here at A Class Coach Hire, you can also sort out extras like private meet and greets, top quality hosts, translators and arrival drinks… what on earth could be better?