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Pack The Perfect Picnic For Your Next Trip

Matt Crisp July 24, 2017

If you are looking for the best coach hire Basingstoke has to offer for your next trip, then start planning the perfect picnic now.

The picnic is the cherry on the cake of British summer holidays and excursions, and if you get it right it can be the highlight of your trip, not to say money saving.

Get the sandwiches right

Making the perfect sandwich to withstand the summer heat, and still be appetising after a couple of hours travel has been a challenge for day-trippers for decades.

To avoid spoilage always take a cool pack in your cool bag, and maybe consider filling that won’t go off. Instead of meat and fish, how about some trendy vegetarian or even vegan fillings this year?

Whatever you do, make sure to minimise wet fillings, such as tomatoes, and use butter or spread to prevent soggy sandwiches.

Think beyond sandwiches

That said, even the best sandwiches can be boring. Have you considered taking pasties, or salad for your lunch? An old favourite is chicken legs with a wrap of salt to dip them in, for a really retro vibe. There is nothing wrong with good, old fashioned boiled eggs either if you want a healthy cheap option.

The best crockery

Next you need to think about what you want to eat your picnic off. While a full picnic set may be bulky and heavy, do make sure you have cups for sharing drinks, and reusable knives and forks.

Check out some picnic recipes on BBC Good Food.