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What Do You Do With Your Pets When Going On Holiday?

Matt Crisp July 24, 2017

Before you sort out Manchester luxury minibus hire to whisk you off to the airport in style in time for your next holiday, spare a thought for your poor cats and dogs that you’ll be leaving behind. How can you make sure they’ll be fine while you’re away?

Unless you have kind-hearted friends or neighbours, one of the best options for holidaymakers is putting your pets in kennels for the duration of your trip.

New research from Direct Line Pet Insurance has just revealed that the average cost for a dog to stay in a luxury kennel for a week is £150.23, while it’ll cost you £86.17 to put your cat in a luxury cattery.

If you want to put your pet into a hotel for your holiday you need to ensure their vaccinations are up to date and that you have a certificate to prove this on arrival. You may also need to prove that they’ve had recent flea and worm treatments. Injury and illness, ticks, being unneutered and bad behaviour are all potential reasons why your pet may not be taken in by the hotel, so make sure you plan well in advance.

If you’ve got the time, try and acclimatise your dog or cat to the kennel by organising a day stay to see how they get on. Remember that kennel stress is very real and you should be aware of the risks if you are planning your next holiday and are thinking about using kennels for your pets.