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Top Tips For Travelling With Toddlers

Matt Crisp May 12, 2020

Travelling with children is never easy, but toddlers are perhaps the most difficult age group to take on holiday as they are always on the go and need constant attention to stay safe and interested.

Here are our tips on how you can avoid toddler tantrums on your trip, so you can enjoy a lovely break with the whole family.


  • Avoid plane travel

Although it is a nice idea to want to show your youngsters some of the world’s finest hotspots from a young age, long flights, changeovers, jetlag and airplane pressure can be really difficult for little people to handle.

While on a plane you have to strap your toddler to your lap for hours on end, which can lead to a battle of wills as they are likely to try to break free before you have left the tarmac, you might consider hiring a coach to Oxford instead

Staying in Britain has many advantages, particularly when it comes to travelling, as the child can have their own car seat, you have regular stops, and you can time your journey to suit their schedule best.


  • Take the kitchen sink!

You might feel like you are packing considerably more for your toddler than yourself, but it is worth it in the end. You can guarantee that the dummy, teddy or plastic cutlery set you leave behind will be just what you need when you arrive at your destination, so think about what your little one uses every day and make sure you have them with you.

You can phone your accommodation ahead of arrival to ask if they have anything you regularly use – from child-friendly crockery and high chairs to travel cots and potties – so you know what you can leave behind.

Whatever you do, don’t forget their comforter, whether that’s a stuffed toy or a blanket. If they need it to settle or fall asleep, you’ll be kicking yourself for not putting it in the case!

It is also important to pack essentials, such as first-aid kits, baby wipes, hand sanitiser, travel sickness tablets or bands, spare clothes, suncream and hats, and plenty of snacks, so you don’t have to search for a healthy bite to eat in the middle of your long journey.


  • Entertainment

You might have organised your trip to coincide with their naps, but things don’t always go to plan, so make sure you are prepared with endless forms of entertainment. Pack an entire bag with things for them to do, including colouring in books and pencils, cards, stories and easy-to-play games.

To make the entertainment last longer, why not wrap each item up so they have to uncover every goody. This will build up their excitement and means they can’t get distracted with the next thing before using what they have just opened first.

It is worth having a tablet or phone to hand too. A tired toddler cannot be consoled and often doesn’t know how to unwind, so you can put on their favourite programme or a couple of age-appropriate games for them to play when you both need a bit of quiet time!