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Top Tips To Help Parents Prepare For Their Easter Trips

Matt Crisp March 29, 2018

If you’re going away over this Easter Bank Holiday weekend and want to make sure your family trip remains fun and stress-free, the key is in the organisation! You don’t want to be rushing around on the day you’re leaving trying to get everything together so do make sure you’ve ticked all the necessary boxes so you can get up, have breakfast and head off on your jollies without much fuss and bother at all.

If flying, keep all your travel documents in one place and give someone sole responsibility for looking after them. That way there’s no panic at the gate when you’re trying to board your flight and you have five different people searching for their passports.

You also need to make sure that you make travel as fun as you can for your kids as they’re sure to tire out eventually and the last thing you want is a pack of wailing children. Put little packs together for them with some games and snacks to keep them well entertained.

Put a little pack together for yourself as well, full of food you like so you don’t have to shell out for expensive sustenance on your way around and about. Don’t forget to include baby wipes and hand wipes as well, because travel is dirty and you’ll soon start feeling a bit grubby if you’re not careful.

Always check your luggage restrictions when packing so you know you won’t run into trouble at the airport. Wash and sort out all your clothes in advance and make sure your kids have all they need. Get them involved in all the fun by asking them to pack their own suitcases so they feel part of it all.

It’s also a good idea to check with your accommodation to see what provisions they have in place for children. You might need a spare cot, for example, which may not be offered as standard in certain places.

Don’t forget about the power of technology either. Download your children’s favourite films, games and apps so you have somewhere to turn if they start to look a little miserable. This is especially important if you’re going somewhere long-haul as you can’t expect your children to be perfectly behaved all time while travelling – and you certainly don’t want any rude looks or remarks from other passengers.

Give yourself more than enough time to get places, especially if you have particularly young children in tow. Toddlers love exploring and won’t understand time pressures – and you want them to enjoy their holiday as well, which is easier to do if you have lots of time to achieve everything and get where you need to be.

It might also be a fun idea to give your little ones a camera of their own so they can document the trip through their eyes. This will keep them amused for hours and after the trip you can put a little scrapbook together for them to keep.

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