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What Steps Are Holiday Providers Taking To Protect Tourists?

Matt Crisp July 5, 2020

The pandemic has certainly been an interesting time for us all so far but now travel restrictions and lockdown are being gradually eased around the UK, so there’s no time like the present to start thinking about your next big trip away.

If you’re thinking of staycating this year instead of jetting off to foreign climes and are worried about coronavirus, you may well want to read this report by Which? looking into the steps that different holiday cottages, campsites, hotels, beaches and other visitor attractions have taken and will take to help prevent the spread of covid-19.

For holiday cottages and self-catering accommodation, industry bodies have come together to set new cleaning protocols based on guidance from the likes of Public Health England and the World Health Organisation.

Airbnb has published some cleaning guidelines for hosts, but they aren’t legally obliged to follow this guidance so when booking accommodation on this site, make sure you check the listings so you can see if the host has committed to more robust cleaning protocols.

Other steps that you may see when you reach your holiday home include fewer non-essential items that are harder to clean, such as coffee makers, throw cushions and blankets. Look out for the Safer Stays logo, as well, as this signifies that new procedures have been followed, such as using an antiviral solution to sanitise surfaces and hot tubs.

Hotels, meanwhile, will reopen from July 4th but the pools and spas will remain closed for the time being. You will probably see distance markers on the floors of bigger hotels, as well as hand sanitisers in all public areas and staff members all wearing gloves and masks.

Restricted numbers of diners in restaurants will be seen, while contactless technology will increase in use for check in and check out, and contactless payment only in the future. More regular cleaning will be de rigueur and this could have an impact on times for checking in and out.

And as for visitor attractions, you will most likely have to pre-book tickets as many will be limiting visitor numbers so that social distancing measures can be adhered to from July 4th. New one-way systems will be introduced and staff members will be seen wearing PPE.

If you’re planning on going further afield, preparing yourself for what may be necessary for travel is wise. For example, when you get to the airport you’ll have to say goodbye to any family or friends at the entrance as many are now only allowing access to those with flight reservations.

You will have to wear a face mask or at least cover your face – and if you forget yours, don’t worry… check-in staff and vending machines will be on hand to help. Have a read of this Which? travel advice article detailing what you should expect when you reach the airport.

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