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What’s On At Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Matt Crisp July 3, 2017

Even though the weather over the last few days has been a little bit tempestuous for the end of June, we’re British and we live in hope that the sun will shine again… and once it does, why don’t you sort out coach hire to Blackpool so you can check out what the famous Pleasure Beach has to offer?

There’s always an awful lot going on here throughout the year, with a huge range of shows put on to suit all tastes and ages. There’s Hot Ice that’s on between July and September, for example, which is apparently the most famous ice show in history! Stars from Dancing On Ice come together with champion skaters from all over the world to wow crowds and with tickets costing between £5 and £25 it won’t break the bank either.

If you happen to be planning a Blackpool trip for the family in October, meanwhile, there’s Slimefest which certainly sounds like something the kids would get a serious kick out of! We love the fact that each show will also feature incredible performances from renowned dance group Diversity, while some of the biggest stars from Nickelodeon will also be on hand to impress.

So there are just a couple of the shows going on later on this year – but what about the Pleasure Beach itself? This is one of the most popular theme parks in the UK and there’s something for everyone to enjoy… so if you’re bored, you’re doing it wrong!

There are all sorts of rides for thrill-seekers to try out – and we’re happy to find out that those in the know at the Pleasure Beach also have plans afoot to open a new £16.25 million rollercoaster (the first ever with a double launch here in the UK) that’s set to open in spring next year… so make sure you put that in your diary as well.

Until then, you’ll have to make do with all the other amazing rides to be found here. There’s the Big Dipper, the Wild Mouse, Valhalla, The Grand National, Ice Blast, Avalanche… the list goes on! Make sure you go on Revolution before going home, however, since this is the first 360 degree rollercoaster in Europe and definitely worth queuing up for.

If you’re not keen on flying through the air but still want to go for a ride, you’ll be pleased to know that donkey rides are still very much available at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. These have actually been a serious seaside tradition here in the UK since around 1890, with Margate the first to offer donkey trips to tourists sunning themselves on the beach. You can also now pay for these using your bank card so don’t panic if you’ve forgotten your cash or spent it all on ice cream.

So there you have it! Just a couple of excellent reasons to consider popping off to the Pleasure Beach once the weather improves!