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Why Choose a Luxury Coach Over a Train?

Matt Crisp September 10, 2020

When you are considering a staycation, a socially distanced group outing or a getaway somewhere in the UK, you often have a few options to choose from, from buses to trains to luxury coach hire. With many people choosing to take a staycation or business trip in the UK, here are three main reasons why we recommend hiring a coach over all the other options.



Travelling via train is exceptionally fast, providing both where you start and where you finish are very close to each other. Travelling to and from the station can add a significant amount of time and stress to your journey, and this is something that can be avoided with a coach. A coach can take you from your start point to your destination, with a pick-up location and time determined by you.

Our friendly, experienced and helpful fleet drivers will also aim to cater their journey around you, allowing for multiple stops on a journey, drop off and pick up, day and night trips and many other journey options.

Take control of your journey and leave connection concerns in the past.



Our fleet of top of the range, first-class coaches are convenient and filled with a range of comforts that turn a journey into an event by itself. Our fleet offers leather interiors, air conditioning, WC, tables, catering and bar facilities, access to entertainment systems and many other extras that are either unavailable or available at a significantly higher expense using other transportation.

With a journey centred around you and your party, the only worries you will have are the things you’re going to do when you get to your destination.


First Class Service and Safety

A coach booking is catered around you and your travelling group. Our friendly team is available round the clock, 365 days a year to organise your journey, and take great pains to ensure all of your needs are catered for before and during your trip.

Whilst a train is limited in when it can travel, relies on connections to and from the station and many of its conveniences are only available in a significantly more expensive first-class section, a coach preparation is built around you, with facilities to make your journey that much more convenient, comfortable and memorable in its own right.

We also care and cater our journeys around safety. With the current circumstances, we ensure that our vehicles are Covid-safe and operate in accordance with government guidelines. Vehicles are deep cleaned before the start of each day, drivers are equipped with full PPE, we have a no-contact policy in all vehicles, have hand sanitiser available in all of our vehicles and have limited the number of riders allowed so that 2m social distancing can be maintained between riders at all times.

The changes that we have implemented does not change the convenience and luxurious comfort of a coach. For more information, get in touch today.